Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're In!!!!!

It seems like years.....probably because it is...........since we first decided to move house, and finally, here we are! We're now part of the Cofton Hackett Set darling!! They have their own newsletter discussing the painting of lamp posts and articles from the local wine is soooooo posh!!! Ok, was they've let in an Essex Girl and a Black Country Boy..what were they thinking??!!!

The move went OK and was massively helped by my parents visiting for 3 days to help, especially with occupying the little man while we packed and unpacked boxes! Day after moving was a little hectic as the brakes on Criag's car had gone, so he found a local garage and left it with them to sort. The Sky man came to re-connect us (and gave us Sky +!!!) but found the scart connector on our TV was broken so no picture! Great! Anyway, Dad offered to buy us a new TV so off we trotted to buy one. Have since found extended warrenty on old TV so hopefully we'll get that one fixed....can we take back the other one after using for a couple of weeks??? We returned from buying TV to find Craigs sister, neice and great nephew on the doorstep, and then followed a procession of most of Craig's family for the evening, which was really lovely. Shame we don't have any sofas at the moment, so most had to sit on the patio and dining chairs!

The house is not looking too bad now, after a few days of sorting. Main tasks in next few weeks are to board the loft. Some bright spark has re insulated the loft....lovely new insulation....but put it across ways rather than lying it between the beams, so now Craig will have to remove the old insulation, relay the new stuff before he can put down the boarding! Oh well. Then we can get rid of some more boxes to the loft.

Another fairly urgent job is to have a shower fitted. Can't have it over the bath as the bath is under a sloping roof. Our plan is to remove the hot water tank in the bathroom, and put a walk in shower there. We'll replace the boiler for the heating with a combi boiler in the kitchen, but all a bit complicated. In the meantime we're making do with silly shower head thing in the bath and involves being a contortionist.....not easy in the mornings!!! :-)

Anyway, off now to have some tea. Boy in bed asleep, husband attempting to shower after being at the gym and wife hungry!!

Hoorah...Apprentice starts again!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That's the thing with babies...sometimes you are right in the middle of things and then you have to stop to deal with them, hence abrupt end to last post. Tonight the little man is in bed, so we should be fine for a bit.

As I was saying, moving date is currently 20th March, but the lady we're buying from is apparently keen to complete as soon as possible, so maybe earlier, depending on what our buyer thinks. Can't really believe its all happening! The house is not hugely bigger than where we are now, but it does have 2 separate reception rooms rather than a through lounge. The main benefits are the area it is in, much nicer than where we are, good schools etc (have to think about these things now!) and the property has planning permission for a 2 storey extension. There is a separate garage (which we'll probably re-build this year for Craig's workshop) so the downstairs of the extension will be a good size office and we'll extend the kitchen, knocking through to the rear reception room to make a large kitchen/diner/family room. Not sure when we'll actually be able to afford to do that, but hopefully no too long. Be good to make the most of cheaper building quotes with most of them being desperate for business! Hopefully we'll be able to receive guests soon, although we won't have a sofa when we move. We're leaving our cat torn one here (cause to take it out we'd have to have the lounge window removed...that's the way it came in!),and clearly it's been shredded and we'd like new ones for a new house.

Buying the sofa's has caused almost more discussions than the house...and then after choosing the ones we liked from Lee Longlands, we discovered we wouldn't be able to get into the lounge when they were in looked at smaller ones in the same range.........then found out (Thanks Sarah!) about Lee Longlands having a clearance place in Cheltenham which is having a sale starting from tomorrow.....guess where we'll be in the morning. Sure Lucas is getting as bored as us with our indecision on the matter!! Anyway, with the lead time on the original suite being 4-5 weeks, we could be seattingless for a while!

I'm starting now to contemplate the return to work. It's my last day of mat pay from work tomorrow, then I go onto the statutory pay. Can't live on that for long, so going back at beginning of May. Going to be hard, so just trying to make the most of the days we have. Least my job is somewhat flexible, so fingers crossed we'll be OK. Not looking forward tot he first time I have to stay away though...that will be really tough!

Lucas is lovely, although he was a whinger today when Aunty Kaz came to visit. Wish everyone could see him when he's smiling and giggling and blowing raspberries! He's trying to sit up, and is much more alert and interested in things, and can grab his toys too! We are trying to be a bit 'green' when it comes to nappies, and are using re-usables now. They will hopefully save quite a lot of money in the long term, especially if we have another child, but rinsing them through when they are full of runny poo takes a bit of getting used to!! Today's turned Craig green in a distinctly non-environmental way! Ah the joys of parenthood!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OK... so promising to keep up with a Blog lasted about as long as still being pregnant! Since Lucas arrived on Nov 9th things seem to have been a bit busy!! It's not just getting used to a little man in the house (few weeks of sleepless nights and seemingly constant feeding and changing!), but then of course there was Christmas, busy for everyone. On top of these, we accepted an offer on our house on the Monday before Christmas, the 2nd one as the first buyer had pulled out just a few days before. While the rest of the country aren't selling houses, we sold ours twice in a matter of weeks!

Anyway, as we'd had the previous offer, and the buyers supposedly wanted to move quickly, we spent many days looking for houses and doing viewings, not easy with a newborn baby! We could never seem to get out of the house much before noon!! When the buyers pulled out (they changed their minds apparently!) we called them some names I can tell you, especially as we'd seen a house we really liked and on the day they pulled out, we'd just put an offer in for it...all hopes seem dashed. But then up popped the next buyer, we put in another offer on the house we liked, and now we are well into the buying/selling process. Fingers crossed we'll move some time in March.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

So, yesterday passed without incident, other than the cat being freaked by fireworks around here! Ate fresh pineapple, prepared lovingly by my husband late last night, but nothing so far.

So, spent morning baking some cakes for the Ranger stall this weekend, and also one for us so that we can offer cake to any post baby visitors...that's if it lasts that long!! Cider & honey cake......gorgeous. Craig loves it but that could be because he has to drink the remaining cider! Such a hardship! Baked some apple & walnut thins, and now got a banana cake in the oven, so lets hope that looks OK to sell.

Zoe said she might visit this afternoon, which will be lovely. She's got a 6 month old boy, so perhaps the sound of him squawking or playing may encourage ours to think about appearing!

Parents rang this morning to see if any news too. They have a free weekend this weekend and are really hoping they can spend it visiting their grand-child.......wish I could promise them that!

Well, just cleaned bathroom, and downstairs needs a bit of a hoover, so we'll do that and then have sit down this afternoon. It's tough this mat leave lark!

Craig is tiling again today, only about half dozen left, but ran out of adhesive yesterday. Then they'll need grouting, but the main bulk of the kitchen will be done, so at least it can be tidied and cleaned, and maybe Steve and Dawn will see the end is near. Craig will then lay the carpet for the dining area, and fit the low level units they are having along the side, with another small worktop. Will look gorgeous. We get quite jealous with these jobs, cause we can't wait to be able to do a kitchen up for ourselves and have the benefit. One day!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No, before you ask, no news! We all know today is the day, but peanut is not obliging at this stage! Didn't sleep too well last night. Kept wondering about names. We've certainly narrowed the list, and we're getting near to some definites I guess. I was trying to put names together to find 1st and middle names that went together. Craig didn't want to hear my suggestions at 2.30am though?!

Had little trip out to supermarket, as planning on doing some more baking tomorrow if no sign of the sprog. Rangers have a stall at a Christmas fair at the church on Saturday, so if I can make a contribution and take them to one of the girls, that would be nice. They are doing a quiz with the Guides and some chaurch people on Monday night too, as a fundraiser for those going abroad next year. Not sure I'll make it to that, but who knows!

After shopping, I popped into to see one of the girls from my NCT group who had twins on Saturday morning.........they are just the cutest little things you've ever seen!!! 2 little boys, over 5lbs each, which is a good size, but still look so small. They were lying in a moses basket together, which was really sweet, they are just so used to being near each other! Bless! Didn't stay long, but was lovely to see them all.

Other than that, I've been setting up Craig's blog for him as another media for his business. Looks quite good, but not perfect yet! he wants to look at FaceBook too, but I know nothing about that, apart from the fact I got loads of spam e-mails when I signed up, so deleted my account!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Back ache this a sign??!! probably not, but who knows. Still in bed, propped up with pillows and hot water bottle on my back. Is a lovely pink fluffy HW bottle that my hubby bought me for valentines day! He knows me so well.

Forgot to mention that I went to an Aqua Natal class at Northfield pool yesterday. There were about 7 of us I think, 5 pre-natal (fat people like me!) and 2 post natal. Was 45 mins of running, jumping and toning in the water...very amusing for any others in the pool I'm sure, the sight of pregnant women in swimming costumes is funny enough, without us prancing around! Was fun and I will go again...when that will be who knows! Don't think that is the cause of the back ache, as it has been coming on for the last few days. Besides, over the last 6 weeks or so I've been going swimming, and also the lovely Davnia has a pre/post natal exercise DVD which is quite good. Her comments get a bit annoying when you've watched it a few times, but the exercise is quite good, nice an gentle for someone at 40 weeks.....eek!!!

Peanut seemed to enjoy James Bond last night....think it was the loud chase scenes which got it going! Was quite a short film, and perhpas Mark Kermode was right that there wasn't much of a story, and lots of Bond venting his frustration on various adversaries. But, the nachos and cake were nice (even if they had run out of dips to go with nachos!)

Plans for today, well, guess I should get up and have shower at some point, as I'm seeing the midwife at lunchtime. Last time to see her at my GP's. Next appt is a week Thursday to discuss options if the baby is still refusing to make it's entrance......think we'll both go spare if it takes that long!

Craig slept better last night, with the aid of industrial ear plugs bought from B&Q! Snoring....a common pregnancy side effect...apparently due to increased vascularity in the nose! I even wake myself up sometimes, so no wonder Craig has found it so annoying! Glad the plugs worked.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Wow, made it to week 2 of mat sign of sprog yet! It's lovely getting all the calls and texts, but lets hope it doesn't keep us all hanging on too long! Tried curry on Saturday night, but no twinges. Have yet to try scrubbing the kitchen floor, or sex, both of which are supposed to help.....hmmmmm, bet a bloke made those up! Eating raw pineapple is also reported to assist in bringing on labour..I'm sure others have more suggestions!

So, how have I been spending my time?? Well, Craig had to get 10 acrylic blocks out to a customer, and they have to have little magnets fitted in the corners, and glued in. The glue sometimes leaks out and has to be cleaned off the block to make them beautiful again..... So this took a bit of time on Friday and Saturday to make sure the client would love them when they arrived. They were a corporate job, and he is getting a few more of those recently, which is brilliant, as they pay well! he's got a big job to produce 15 acrylic pics for a veterinary training school in Hertfordshire. As well as producing them, he and his brother are going down to fit them, so that could be a long day. If anyone feels like coming to keep me and the baby company here on that day, that would be lovely! :-) It's good money though, and I'm so proud of him and what he's achieved. The Acrylic art is flying, not least because his site comes up on page 1 of Google now, so it's getting noticed!

Oh dear.....fireworks starting again. Better go and find the cat and make sure the cat flap is locked. She turns into a nervous wreck around this time of year. I fear a baby will not help her!!! Last year we think she was spooked by a firework and made her hide underneath a neighbours newly laid decking. She got trapped and spent the night under there until we found her the next day. Poor neighbour had to take up some of his lovely decking to release her. She was very muddy and hungry and spooked...other than that she was OK!! Poor thing.

Wea re leaving her again tonight, as we've booked to see James Bond at the Electric in Brum. It's a fab cinema, with sofas (if you book early enough) and can text a waiter to bring you wine, chocolate cake or nachos etc to your seat! We thoroughly recommend it!